Vol. 9 | April 2017

Best of Late Night 2017: Part 1

Performances from “Conan,” “The Late Show,” & “The Late Late Show”

Cristela Alonzo
Cristela struggles with being a good feminist. Not because she disagrees with the movement, but because of the hit to her self-esteem.
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Kurt Braunohler
Getting herpes, trying heroin, and stealing a police officer's gun are all in a week's work for Mr. Kurt Braunohler.
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Gary Gulman
According to Gary Gulman the hardest part about life is that you have to live it, day after day after day.
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Carmen Lynch
Carmen absolutely hates the fact that she's a light sleeper, but she's found a silver lining: at least she won't die in a fire.
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Gabriel Iglesias
The "fluffy" comedian breaks down why Marvel comics are superior to DC, and why Batman is the creepiest superhero of all.
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Lil Rel
Hot off his role in the hit movie "Get Out," Lil Rel stops by "The Late Late Show" to talk about rude uncles, dating apps, and the single life.
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Myq Kaplan
Do you believe in ghosts? How about psychic powers? Myq believes in neither, yet still managed to get played by one particular soothsayer.
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Paul Mecurio
Paul Mecurio recently spotted NYC's infamous pizza rat and found out that it's now a vegan and only eats Granny Smith apples.
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Emily Heller
Seeing a kid on a leash is often weird and uncomfortable, but Emily Heller raises a good point: if a kid is on a leash, it probably needs the leash.
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Anthony DeVito
On his late night debut, Anthony DeVito discusses the trials and tribulations of being an ethnically ambiguous hairy dude.
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