Vol. 7 | January 2017

Self-Improvement, Forgiveness, and the Future

Jerrod Carmichael - Talent vs Morals
Jerrod Carmichael ruminates on whether talent or morals are more important in life. Woody Allen, Michael Jackson, and Chris Brown... Jerrod forgives you.
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Ted Alexandro - Going to the Gym
People go to the gym for all sorts of reasons: personal fitness, sense of community, etc. What's Ted Alexandro's motivation? Childhood trauma.
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Nikki Glaser - Being More Responsible with Sex
This is Nikki Glaser in her element, dishing out NSFW tales about her attempts to lead a more restrained sex life.
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Demetri Martin - A**hole Future Roomate
Take a step into the hilariously unique mind of Demetri Martin and get a sneak peak at your a**hole roommate from the... FUTURE!
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Ron Funches - Junk Food Scientist
In discussing his newly-adopted healthy lifestyle with Conan, Ron Funches reflects fondly on his days as a self-proclaimed "junk food scientist."
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Kumail Nanjiani - Trying to be Cool
A high-school-aged Kumail Nanjiani finds out the hard way that the road to popularity is paved with rotten eggs and tears.
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Sean Donnelly - Fitness Goals
To the best of our knowledge, this is the only time that anyone has ever compared his sex life to the Pulitzer Prize winning novel, Angela's Ashes.
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Gary Gulman - Finding a $20 Bill
Gary Gulman finds a $20 bill in his pocket and immediately becomes a more thoughtful, more generous man than he was two seconds prior.
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Maria Bamford - Contemplating Botox
"New year, new you?" Ehhh not for Maria Bamford, especially if it involves injections of muscle paralyzing botulinum toxin applied directly to the face.
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Dan Cummins - Better Spousal Communication
Communication and listening are pillars of any lasting relationship, and Dan Cummins knows this. He just wishes his fiance would tell better stories.
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