Vol. 5 | December 2016

SNL's Best "Jeopardy" Moments

The Birth of Turd Ferguson
French Stewart (Jimmy Fallon), Sean Connery (Darrell Hammond) and Burt Reynolds (Norm Macdonald) test Alex Trebek's (Will Ferrell) patience in a race to last place. [Season 25, 1999]
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Tom Hanks vs. a Pickle Jar
Kathie Lee Gifford (Kristen Wiig), Tom Hanks, and Sean Connery are joined by a special unannounced guest and audience favorite, Burt Reynolds. [Season 34, 2009]
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"S"words for $400
Sean Connery and Burt Reynolds are joined by legendary comedian Jerry Lewis (Martin Short) for yet another lively round of Celebrity Jeopardy. [Season 22, 1996]
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Buck Futter
Hilarity ensues as contestants Calista Flockhart (Drew Barrymore), Nicolas Cage (Jimmy Fallon), and Sean Connery team up to drive Alex Trebek insane. [Season 24, 1999]
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Someone Just Say Bill Clinton
Alex Trebek is once again driven to his wit's end by the antics of contestants Sean Connery, Jeff Goldblum (David Duchovny), and Minnie Driver (Molly Shannon). [Season 23, 1998]
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Not so Fast Trebek
Robin Williams (Jimmy Fallon), Catherine Zeta-Jones (Lucy Liu), and Sean Connery face brain-busting categories such as "Letters or Numbers", "Make Any Noise", and "Famous Muppet Frogs". [Season 26, 2000]
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Schuck on it Trebek
Sean Connery, Hillary Swank (Jimmy Fallon) and Keanu Reeves (Tobey Maguire), once again manage to rile up Alex Trebek with their bufoonish behavior. [Season 22, 1996]
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That's Not What Your Mother Said
Incompetence is the name of the game as Sean Connery, Bill Cosby (Kenan Thompson), and Sharon Osbourne (Amy Poehler) try their hand at Celebrity Jeopardy. [Season 30, 2005]
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Please God Take Me Now
Alex Trebek endures yet another painful round of Celebrity Jeopardy with Anne Heche (Reese Witherspoon), Chris Tucker (Dean Edwards), and Sean Connery. [Season 27, 2001]
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I'm Gonna Pray on This
In a departure from the celebrity-focused programming, everyday people Keeley (Sasheer Zamata), Shanice (Leslie Jones), and Doug (Tom Hanks) try their luck in a round of Black Jeopardy. [Season 42, 2016]
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